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작성일 : 17-11-22 16:27
2018년 태국 국제 빌딩 관리 및 건축 전시회(BMAM Expo Asia 2018)
 글쓴이 : 최고관리자
조회 : 1,700  

2018년 태국 국제 빌딩 관리 및 건축 전시회



BMAM Expo Asia 2018


GBR Expo Asia 2018



2018 9 12 - 14 (3일간)



Hall 5 - 6, IMPACT Exhibition Center, 방콕, 태국



 6,750 sqm



- 태국정부가 승인 및 후원함

- 동남아 지역에 진출할 수 있는 발판을 마련할 수 있는 기회

- 행사: APSA World Conference 2018, Buyer Program, Business Matching Program,

          Networking Night, FM Clinic, Smart City Consulting Service, Conferences & Seminars

-스페셜 존: Innovation Showcase, The world of Robotics , VR & AR, Live show,

                Cleaning Zone, Smart Security & IOT Zone, Security & Safety Zone


2017 Show report


- 150개업체 from 9개국(미국, 일본, 한국, 독일, 스페인, 싱가포르 등)


- Trade visitor 5,421 from 33개국(국내 80%, 해외 18%)



New! Smart Building Solution

Fiber Optic, Data Cable, Router, Smart Building & Industrial and Commercial Device

Home and building automation systems applications in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors

Sensor systems: RFID, Sensors, Smart metering

Smart Energy: For the production, distribution and efficiency of tomorrows energy,

  Smart grids, Storage systems, Systems for charging electric vehicles

IOT & Smart devices

FM Products & Services

Total FM, FM Consulting, Facilities Support Services,Waste Management & Treatment,

  Water Management, Energy Management, HVAC Solutions & Outsource

Conveyor, Motor Pump & Valve, UPS, Generator, Electrical Supplies, Parking System,

  Escalators & Lift, Measuring Systems & devices

Work Space Management

Software, Consulting, Office Furniture & Equipment, Communication & Meeting System

Cleaning Products & Services

Cleaning Services, Equipment for cleaning, machines, components,

  Sanitary appliances and accessories


Access control, CCTV Surveillance, autodoor, X-Ray baggage scanner machine & walkthrough,

  sensor & alarm, IP/ Network Security, Security Solution & Integration

Smart security devices

Interior & Landscape Design

Architecture & Design services, Curtain walling, Gardening, Land scaping, Living Roofs & Wall,

  Software design, Architectural Lighting, smart equipment for Interior & landscape

Green Building Technologies

Smart Material, Building Board, Ceramic Materials, Wall Materials, Thermal Insulation Material,

Waterproof and Sealing Material, Pipe, Glass, Hardware, Heating System, Water System,

Building Structure, Construction Machinery


주 최 사

IMPACT Exhibition




썬 인터내셔날

T: 032-437-5765, 02-445-5765 // Email : suninter99@gmail.com



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